Khama biography, One day, few Bamangwato tribal men came running to their Chief, Sekhome and informed him that a white man wearing clothes was coming towards their village. Never did the tribal people there saw a white man. Then Sekhome, a noted witch doctor, went to meet this strange white man. By his side ran his eldest son, whose name was Khama.

Birth: ~1850
Home Calling: 21-02-1923
Homeland: Africa
Place of Vision: Africa

They found out that the white man’s name was David Livingstone and that he was a doctor who could cure illness.

Young Khama observed Livingstone reading a curious book that had hundreds of pages for such a long time. When Livingstone explained to him that it was the Bible through which he could listen to God’s voice, Khama was amazed by a silent yet speaking book.

Khama ministry in Africa

After some time, Livingstone left that village to continue his missionary exploration. But this boy Khama never forgot him. Several other missionaries followed Livingstone to this village in God’s providence and taught the locals about the true God. Many people were led to Christ, and Khama was one among them.

After accepting Christ, Khama had to face several challenges. He became the Chief of the village in his father’s place. As he tried to lead his people into a Godly path, he had to face the wrath of his own father. Sekhome being a powerful witch doctor, did sorcery and hurt Khama badly. But Khama, by the grace of God, found victory on all evil forces.

He preached Christ and enabled his followers to go and preach the Gospel to other regions. He took every measure to lead his people to act according to the Word of God and shun evil. His efforts brought an all round development to that village.

When asked about the secret in leading his people in a righteous path, he would always point to the open arena in front of his house, where he would gather all his people for their morning and evening prayers.

Beloved, how faithful are you in leading those who are under your care to Christ?

Take away from the article

“Lord, strengthen me to be a valiant and faithful spiritual leader. Amen!”

Word of God


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