Martin Luther

Martin Luther, Today is one of the remarkable days in History. It was on this day that Martin Luther, a German professor of theology, priest, and a great reformer, nailed his exposition of the Truth on the door of All Saints Church, Wittenberg in 1517.


Birth: 10.11.1483
Death: 18.02.1546
Native: Eisieben
Native Land: Germany
Vision area: Germany

Martin Luther was born to remove the blind practices that were carried out in the name of religion and to revive the people who lived in ignorance. After his graduation, Martin was ordained to the priesthood.

He rejected and questioned the several teaching and practices of the Roman Catholic Church; in particular, the bill of atonement. He taught that salvation and, consequently, eternal life are not earned bu good deeds but are receive only as of the free gift of God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Luthers protest :

He also challenged the authority and office of the pope by teaching that the Bible is the only source of divinely revealed knowledge. His activities made him an enemy to the religious harliners which consequently led to his condemnation as an outlaw by the Roman emperor.

He was threatened, controlled, and chased, but nothing could dishearten his belief in the truth. With the strength in the Lord, he fought with courage to eradicate the ignorance in church.

Luther’s actions set in motion tremendous reform within the Church which resulted in the establishment of the Protestant Church. His translation of the Bible into German made it more accesible to the laity, an event that had a tremendous impact on the church.

The people began to live in the light of God’s word and the darkness of ignorance slowly vanished. He is rightly called “Father of Reformation” and truly was a gracious gift of this world.

“Beloved, will you come forward to set things right in the Church like Martin Luther?”

Take away

“Lord, strengthen me to correct the wrongs of the society by placing my trust in you, Amen!”

Word of Prayer

Martin Luther

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