Charlotte Maria Tucker Biography

Charlotte maria tucker biography, Preaching the gospel so that people can easily understand and implementing new teaching methos yields good results. Maria tucker, who was born in 1821 in England, used her writing skills to enable the people to understand the Bible easily. she explained the truths of the Bible through carious small stories in an elegant manner.

Biography :

Birth : 02.05.1821
Death : 02.12.1893
Place : England
Place of Vision : India

Thousands were drawn to Christ through her parable stories and offere their lives for God. From the time she was youg, Tucker spent much of her free time weiting poetry and plays. She wrote under the pseudonym A.L.O.E.(A Lady of England).

When She was 54 yeard old, the hands that held the pen longed to preach. She obeyed to the still voice of God and decided to offer herself to be a missionary.

Her Burden for INDIA:

Her burden for India, where people believed in epics and fables. Her heart desired to teach these people the truth about Lord Jesus Christ and make them acceptable in the sight of God. She took up the study of Hindustani and learned Urdu to work among the Urdu speaking people in India.

She set out for India in 1875 and served as a missionary for 18 years in Patna, India, Now she started writing stories in Urdu and Hindi as well. She used to visit high-caste Indian women who were kept in enforced seclusion and taught them the love of God. This changed the lives of women for the betterment.

To help spread the faith, she wrote several parables that were later translated into local dialects. Though working in India was very difficult, her unquenchable thirst for the salvation of that people kept her going. She endured everything patiently for the sake of their salvation. She lived as one among the people and finished her missionary journey. Charlotte Maria Tucker Biography

Beloved, are you teaching in a way that is easy to understand?

Take Away

” Lord, help me to listen to you and preach in a simple manner, Amen.”


Charlotte Maria Tucker Biography

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