Mary Gobat

Mary Gobat biography, was a Swiss missionary and the wife of Rev. Samuel Gobat who was for many years the Anglican Missionary Bishop of Jerusalem. They got married in 1834 and throughout her husband’s career in Abyssinia, Malta and Jerusalem, she found ways to support him. Known for her gracious hospitality, she came to love many of the 1,400 students who attended the schools under Samuel’s supervision.

Birth: 09-11-1813
Home Calling: 01-08-1879
Homeland: Switzerland
Place of Vision: Abyssinia, Malta and Jerusalem

Mrs. Gobat entered into her husband’s work with wholehearted consecration. Notwithstanding her many home duties and her family of little children, she was indefatigable in her labours of love during those early years in Abyssinia and Jerusalem

She became her husband’s helpmeet in everything, taking the most constant interest in all the schools and missions commenced by her husband. Her simple faith, childlike trust, and wholehearted love for Christ, which characterized the early period of her life, never left her.

Mary Gobat ministry in Abyssinia, malta and Jerusalem

To the end, amid difficulties and sufferings in Abyssinia, as when surrounded by success in Jerusalem, she remained the same—earnest, gracious, and humble. The couple endured illness, the deaths of children, and difficult travel situations, yet they remained true to God’s calling.

The rule that guided her in all things was love; she could not see a case of distress without helping; she could not witness sorrow or grief without weeping with those that wept, nor could she hear of anyone having sinned or backslidden without going to them and praying for them. If she feared she had wronged anyone, or by accident caused vexation of spirit to any person within the sphere of her influence, she had no rest until she had gone to that person and asked pardon.

Even during the last years of her life, when by reason of weakness and age she could do little active work, she was always trying to comfort the sorrowful, help the needy, and guide the erring ones.

Beloved, how can you and I manifest the true politeness of a Christian?

Take away from the article

“Lord, Let me wrestle and pray and not faint till I have fully found Thee and with Thee, and in Thee, everlasting life. Amen!” (–Marie Gobat)

Word of Prayer

Mary Gobat biography

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