Ruatoka biography, belonged to the Mangaia Island of South Cook Islands. His ancestors were savage cannibals who were led to Christ through Wilfred of Sussex. Ruatoka, after accepting the Lord, went to the people of New Guinea, who were also savage cannibals, to share the story of Jesus.

Birth : ~1846
Home calling : 1903
Native Place : Mangaia Island
Country : –
Place of Vision : Papua New Guinea

When Ruatoka arrived with few others to Port Moresby, the natives were surprised to see them. They thought them to be either Gods or Evil Spirits. There, for Ruatoka, life became a battle of survival.

One after the other, his associates were dying with Malaria, and the food and medicines were scarce. The language barrier made it difficult to teach people about Christ. However, he continued to minister among the natives.

Ruatoka ministry in Papua New Guinea

Ruatoka was known among the islanders as the ‘Jesus Man’ because such was his testimony. He walked among them and did not fear them when they threatened him with spears and clubs. Sometimes when the natives ran with spears to kill him, he would hold the Bible high and say, “I hold the Book of Life, my life is preserved in Christ” Astonished at his words, the natives used to listen to him preach.

He spoke authoritatively, which made them repent of their sins.
One day, Ruatoka woke up to a knock at his door. A few frightened Papuans told him about an injured White man who was found by the side of the path. They were afraid to go near him for fear of demon spirit. Ruatoka used the opportunity to show the Papuans that there were no spirits to be dreaded.

Ruatoka found the white man, poured little water down his throat, and carried him all the way back to his house, where his wife nursed him back to life. His such acts of practical faith earned many souls for Christ. With a heart of Good Sheperd and the Spirit of the Good Samaritan, Ruatoka ministered among the Papuan tribes until the end.

Beloved, do you have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had?

Take away from the article

Lord, help me earn souls for you with acts of practical faith. Amen!

Word of Prayer

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