Advitheeya Sathya Devudu lyrics

Advitheeya Sathya Devudu song lyrics అద్వితీయ సత్య దేవుడు telugu christian song lyrics. This song is taken from Vidyarthi Geethavali book quite famous song which is sung by most of the telugu speaking christians. This song holds great meaning, Lord you have shed your precious blood for me, How can i pay u back for all the things and grace upon a sinner like me.

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విద్యార్థి గీతావళి

అద్వితీయ సత్య దేవుడు
క్రీస్తేసే నిత్య జీవము
వెలుగైన జీవము
వెలిగించుచున్నాడు (2)           ||అద్వితీయ||

పాపమునకు జీతం
మరణం నిత్య మరణం
యేసులో కృపదానం
జీవం నిత్య జీవం (2)
హల్లెలూయా హల్లెలూయ (2)           ||అద్వితీయ||

Vidyaarthi Geethaavali

Advitheeya Sathya Devudu
Kreesthese Nithya Jeevamu
Velugaina Jeevamu
Veliginchuchunnaadu (2)          ||Advitheeya||

Paapamunaku Jeetham
Maranam Nithya Maranam
Yesulo Krupadaanam
Jeevam Nithya Jeevam (2)
Hallelooyaa Hallelooya (2)          ||Advitheeya||

This song is sung by most of the telugu speaking people across the world. This song maily talks about how God is protecting us and bringing us out from the trails of our enemies, but when we turn towards Him and seek Him. He is our help and refuge he will deliver us !! This song is maily talks about the body which is just dust, it is making us to remember that beauty is not important as this body will perish. Fear to the Lord who will save your soul.

Advitheeya Sathya Devudu lyrics

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