Uemura Masahisa

Uemura Masahisa, he is well known as the ‘Father of Christian Churches’ in Japan. He was Christian volunteer who encouraged and guided the youth to spread the Gospel. Through his own publication called the ‘The Evangelical Weekly’ and the Tokyo Theological Seminary (Which was also founded by him), he preached Jesus Christ to the people.

Birth : 15.01.1858
Death : 08.01.1925
Country : Japan
Place of Vision : Japan

Uemura was born in a family of the samurai class. At a very age, he had to support his family and earn school expenses by rearing pigs. However, he worked hard and found grace in the sight of God to overcome the situation.

Uemura Masahisa ministry in Japan

He found his interest in Christianity while studying in a school run by missionaries. Uemura accepted Lord Jesus as his savior in 1873 at age of 16 and almost at once committed himself to the life of a Christian evangelist. Later, He embarked on a missionary journey to a place called ‘Itchi’, where he preached the Gospel and established a church.

Uemura was a hard-working Pastor, a Christian leader, a Bible professor, and a social servant concerned with the welfare of the poor and sick. He preached extensively on the sense of unity, equality, and brotherhood, which were necessary for social progress.

He was also a good orator and writer. He edited and published magazines like Nihon Hyoron(japan review), Truth and The Evangelical Weekly. He traveled to England and the US in 1888, and eloquently delivered sermons which led many people to Christ. He conducted revival meetings and often preached about the second coming of Christ. His life and service were a major influcence on the spread of Christianity in Japan.

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“Lord, help me to edicate myself to help the poor and the needy, Amen!”

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