Evelyn Brand

Evelyn Brand, Amidst the heavy downpour, a young bride trekked with her missionary husband to the top of the Kolli Malai(3700 ft) on her wedding day to do the missionary work. She was Evelyn Brand, wife of Jesse Mann brand, who committe her life to bring the gospel to the people of Kolli Hills.

Birth : May 1879
Death : 18.12.1974
Place : London
Country : England
Place of Vision : India.

Born into a wealthy family, Evelyn accepted Christ as a young girl and was baptized at eleven. At home and at church, Evelyn heard of Indian missions. She was challenged by the letters published in a missionary joournal to the hill people of South India.

Evelyn Brand Ministry in Kolli Hills(Mountains of Death),South India

She sensed a divine calling to be a missionary and immediately yielded her life to serve the Lord. In 1911, she was appointed as a missonary to india by the Strict Baptist Society.

She reached Tamil Nadu in 1912 and learned Tamil. She began her ministry at a place called Kolli Hills(Mountains of death). Evelyn met Jesse, who shared similar concern for the Kolli Hills people, and they got marries in 1913. She actively traveled with her husband on foot to the villages to prech the gospel.

Together, they educate the people and provided medical help. They established schools, churches and ophanages in the villages of the mountains. Even ater losing her husband to malaria in 1929, Evelyn continued her ministry in the mountains.

She became the mother of many abandoned children. Despite her old age and frail health, she traveled on a hill pony to the villages camping, teaching, dispensing medicine, rescuing abandoned children, Through her efforts, five mountain ranges in the Eastern ghats saw the light of the gospel.

Even when she was at the hospital for broken hips, she wheeled herself from room to room to share the gospel with other patients. fter working teirelessly for more than 35 years, Evelyn went to be with the Lord amongst the people she lived and loved.

Beloved, do you have a thrist for sharing the gospel with others?

Take away from the article

Lord, grant me the grace and strength to do Your work joyfully like Evelyn, Amen!

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