Frances Ridley Havergal

Frances Ridley Havergal, Hymns are the words of prayer and praise and also the words that have inspired missionaries for centuries and continue to inspire today. “Tell it out among the heathen,” written by Frances Havergal, is one such song that encouraged many men of faith to commit themselves to the missionary work.

Birth : 14.12.1836
Death : 03.06.1879
Place : Astley
Country : England
Place of Vision : England

Frances Ridley Havergal was a English poet and a hymn writer. She was born in Astley, England, to a Clergyman who was also a great music composer. Frances studied in England and Germany, where she became proficient in several modern languages.

Frances Ridley Havergal famous hymns

When she was 13, she committed her life to Christ and lived an earnest Christian life. She was blessed with a beautiful voice and a talent to play the piano. She considered all her talents as loans from the Lord to be used in His service.

Havergal started writing lines in praise of God when she was sevenyears old. Each of her hymns carried a personal experience. She had a deep longing for souls who had not accepted Christ. Once, she visited a family, among whom few non-Christains didnt seem to be happy in theor souls.

She prayed for them to recieve the Christian joy. Her prayer was answered even before she left the house. On the last night of her stay, over-whelmed with happiness, she wrote the famous hymn, “Take my life and let it be.” She never wrote a line of poetry without praying over it.

Apart from writing hymns, she also taught in Sunday schools and often held spiritual meetings. She completely surrendered herself to Christ and devoted her life to proclaiming the Truth by personal labor and literary efforts. Some of her other famous hymns and “Golden harps are sounding”, “I gave my life for thee”, ” Jesus master, Whose I am.” ” Lord, speak to me” and ” Master, Speak! They servant heareth.”

Beloved, do the songs you sing lead others to Christ?

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Lord, grant me the grace to sing songs that will bless others’ lives. Amen!

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