Hana Catherine Mullens

Hana Catherine Mullens biography, was a European missionary who is considered the pioneer of Zenana missions. Zenana ministry involved taking Gospel by women missionaries to the then Indian women who were not allowed to appear in public. Reaching out to these imprisoned women remained the greatest puzzle for the missionaries until Hana solved it.

Birth: 01-07-1826
Home Calling: 21-12-1861
Native Place: Calcutta
Country : India
Place of Vision: India

Born in a family of missionaries in Calcutta, Hana was inspired by the ministry of her parents. She was an intelligent girl and helped her mother in conducting classes even before she was 12. She accepted Christ when she was 15 and earnestly shared Gospel to everyone who visited their home.

Her conversations with the unbelievers were highly effectual than other’s sermons in bringing them to Christ. She married Rev. Dr. Mullens when she was 19, and the two of them served the Lord joyfully in Bengal.

Hana Catherine Mullens ministry in India

She knew Bangla fluently and wrote and translated Christian literature for the local women. One of her books was published in twelve dialects of India. Hana knew that Indian women were sadly ignorant, idle, and unhappy, and she always wanted to do something for them. The opportunity came surprisingly. Hana, who was skillful in embroidery and needlework, was once working on a pair of slippers.

A native influential man saw her work and exclaimed, “I should like my wife be taught such things.” Immediately, Hana saw the opportunity and said she could teach his wife such skills. Thus, opened the doors for her to meet the Indian women to teach them not only domestic skills but also spiritual things. Soon she was visiting several such women sharing Gospel and bringing them to Christ.

Hana had to leave this world very early, at the age of 35. Yet, her embroidery needle and work of her busy fingers opened the doors for Zenana ministry. Her ministry methods were adopted by several other woman missionaries that brought thousands of Indian women to the true God.

Beloved, how well do you use your opportunity to share the Gospel?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to share my faith with others actively. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

Hana Catherine Mullens

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