Aaripoye Deepamla lyrics

Aaripoye Deepamla

Aaripoye Deepamla lyrics ఆరిపోయే దీపంలా telugu Christian song. This song is sung by Brother Dinesh which is so soothing to every Christian individual which draws close to the Lord and music composed by JK Christopher.

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ఆరిపోయే దీపంలా
ఆగిపోదా ఈ జీవితం (2)

మారలేని లోకమందు
మారలేవా జీవితాన (2)
మార్చుకో నీ జీవితం
చేర్చుకో ఆ దేవుని (2)
ఆ దేవుని (2)       ||ఆరిపోయే||

లోతు లేని లోకమందు
చూడలేవా చోటు కోసం (2)
చూడుమా ఆ దేవుని
వేడుమా ఆ దేవుని (2)
ఆ దేవుని (2)       ||ఆరిపోయే||

Aaripoye Deepamlaa
Aagipodaa Ee Jeevitham (2)

Maaraleni Lokamandu
Maaralevaa Jeevithaana (2)
Maarchuko Nee Jeevitham
Cherchuko Aa Devuni (2)
Aa Devuni (2)         ||Aaripoye||

Lothu Leni Lokamandu
Choodalevaa Chotu Kosam (2)
Choodumaa Aa Devuni
Vedumaa Aa Devuni (2)
Aa Devuni (2)         ||Aaripoye||

This is an old classic christian song which is all about thanksgiving to the Lord in each and every situation. For He is the Lord of Hosts and every creature obeys his command and praise His holy name. Please check out the entire website for more song, missionary biographies and quotes. This song is sung by most of the telugu speaking christian churches across the world which mainly talks about the thanksgiving for Lord is our provider in every situation of our life, he is the one who provides. He is the one who help us even we are in hills or in valleys or in the mountains.

This song is sung by most of the telugu speaking people across the world. This song maily talks about how God is protecting us and bringing us out from the trails of our enemies, but when we turn towards Him and seek Him. He is our help and refuge he will deliver us !! This song is maily talks about the body which is just dust, it is making us to remember that beauty is not important as this body will perish. Fear to the Lord who will save your soul.

Aaripoye Deepamla lyrics

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