Irene Eleanor Verita Petrie

Irene Eleanor Verita Petrie biography, Known for its natural beauty, Kashmir has always been a place of attraction to tourists during summers. But in winters, it is one of the harshest places to live on earth. Affluent people temporarily migrate to the plains to survive. The rest who stay back eventually die with illness. In the winter of 1894, when many were moving towards the plains, a young woman was moving towards Kashmir to help those who were still staying there. Her name was Irene Eleanor Verita Petrie.

Birth: October 1864
Home Calling: 06-08-1987
Native Place: Kensington Park
Country: United Kingdom
Place of Vision: Punjab and Kashmir

Irene was dedicated by her mother to God’s service when she was just 2 months old. She was a bright and cheerful girl and was naturally talented. She was also an accomplished singer in her city. Instead of using her advantageous situation to enjoy life, Irene nourished the idea of becoming a missionary one day.

She joined the Church Missionary Society and was appointed to serve in India. She arrived in Lahore in 1893 and cried at the heart-wrenching conditions of the people. Several young women were dying for the lack of female medical attendants. She decided to give these people a Christian hope if not in this life, then at least for eternal life.

Irene Eleanor Verita Petrie ministry in India

After briefly serving at a charitable home in Lahore, Irene arrived in Srinagar in 1894. Being a trained nurse, she voluntarily knocked door to door with few others providing medical care to the women and saved many lives. She sang songs to cheer them and told Bible stories. Her patients became her friends and gradually the children of God too.

She also actively worked in Srinagar’s Boys school. When the school ran out of funds, she made paintings and sold them to run the school. Despite harsh weather, she hardly cared for her health and worked dedicatedly for the good of Kashmiris and Afghans. During one of her journeys to Leh, she fell ill with Typhoid and went to the Lord at the very young age of 23.

Beloved, are you an instrument of blessed hope to the disheartened people of this world?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to sow love where there is hatred, hope where there is despair, and joy where there is sadness. Amen!”

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