Robert Clark

Robert Clark biography, was a pioneer missionary in erstwhile Punjab and Kashmir. After he graduated from Cambridge University, a lucrative job of teaching in his own University awaited him. However, Clark was more concerned about the overwhelming need for soul-harvesters in heathen lands. He offered himself to the Church Missionary Society which posted him for the service in Punjab mission in India.

Birth: 04-07-1825
Home Calling: 16-05-1900
Native Place: Lincolnshire
Country: England
Place of Vision: Punjab and Kashmir

In 1852, Clark established a mission station in Amritsar, Punjab. After coming to terms with terrible situations in India, Clark decided to enlighten the locals that the Christianity represented by the British rule is not the true one. Hence, instead of public preaching, he first took up personal evangelism.

He believed that the local testimonies are the best Gospel instruments. He encouraged the early converts to start testifying to others, beginning with their families. Despite several oppositions and threats, there were more than 20 believers within two years.

Robert Clark ministry in India

Now, after training the locals for ministry and delegating gospel responsibilities to them, Clark established a mission station at Peshawar in 1854. For the next ten years, he crossed the dangerous terrains to reach the people in hills and valleys as far as Lahore and Tibet. During this period, he got married to Elizabeth Mary Browne who was a worthy partner in his ministry.

In 1864, the couple move to Kashmir to establish a mission station. Kashmir during those times was under Dogra’s rule and was reeling with poverty, epidemics, and wickedness. Although the King allowed Clark to work in Kashmir, he treacherously ordered his associates to attack Clark on his arrival. If not for the providence of God, they would have been killed on the day of their arrival. However, foes became friends with the medical missionary work of Elizabeth.

Soon there were several medical mission stations in Kashmir and along with it increased the Christian congregation. With indefatigable enthusiasm, Clark spearheaded the social and spiritual change with medical and educational work in North India work till his last breath.

Beloved, do you know that the value of winning souls is much more than worldly lucrative jobs?

Take away from the article

“Lord, turn my eyes away from worthless things and help me see the glory in serving You. Amen!”

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