Iris Paul biography

Iris Paul biography – Iris Grace Rajakumari Paul is an Indian missionary committed to serving the Bondo tribes in Orissa under the banner of ‘Reaching Hand Society.’ Born in an affluent Christian family, Iris was a rebellious and headstrong child. However, she was deeply influenced by the sincere devotion of her parents and eventually gave her heart to Christ.

Birth : 1945
Native Place : Tamil Nadu
Country : India
Place of Vision : Orissa, India

During her college studies, she actively participated in the ministry of ‘ Union of Evangelical Students of India’ (UESI). She finished her medical studies in Tamil Nadu with a Gold Medal.

Iris was inspired by Albert Schweitzer’s missionary work in Africa and wanted to go there to serve God. But God had different plans for her in her own country.

Iris Paul ministry in Orissa, India

In 1972, Iris got married to Dr. R A C Paul, a young missionary working among the Bondo tribes in Orissa. Bondo tribes were relatively uncontacted people then and were illiterate, impoverished, and had a high mortality rate. Iris accompanied her husband to Malkangiri, Orissa, and immediately started a clinic to treat the tribal people.

She also went about with her husband conducting medical camps and simultaneously introducing the tribals to the Gospel. Gradually, thousands of Bondo people found the truth in Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their savior.

Despite ill health, accidents, disappointments, severe depressions, and pain in the initial years, the missionary couple set their eyes on the Lord and never took their hands off the plow. When her husband, Dr. RAC Paul, died at a very young age in 1986, she continued to work in the remote villages of Orissa.

Iris was a mother to many orphaned children and a savior for several young women from being exploited. She established the ‘Reaching Hand Society,’ which works to bring people to Christ and provide overall development to the tribal people. With her son Remo Paul and his wife, Dr. Susan Remo Paul, Iris is still striving hard to transform the lives of the tribals in both physical and spiritual realms.

Beloved, are your eyes set on the Lord who is bigger than your difficult circumstances?

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“Lord, my eyes are upon You, O God the Lord; In You I take refuge! Amen!”

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Iris Paul biography

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