James Duthie

James Duthie biography, The caste system in India has brought many evils in society, and one of them is untouchability. It is a practice where the higher caste people ostracize others and subject them to inhuman treatment. Many Christian missionaries in India challenged such caste inequalities and played an essential role in a positive societal change. One of them was James Duthie.

Birth: 02-11-1833
Home Calling: 03-07-1908
Native Place: Urass
Country : Scotland
Place of Vision: India

James Duthie completed his education at Bedford and was appointed a missionary to Chennai, primarily to carry out educational work. Then he was sent to Nagercoil in 1859 to do full-fledged missionary work. There he was taken aback by the pitiful conditions of the Dalits. Prayerfully he decided that he would give his all to change such society.

After he got acquainted with the needs of the local people, he realized that good education is the need of the hour. He whole-heartedly believed, “A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.” (Proverbs 24:5).

James Duthie ministry in India

Duthie then established schools and encouraged the locals to acquire the knowledge to break the shackles of the caste system. Initially, there was severe opposition from the Brahmins. But Duthie trod carefully and convinced all society sections to allow their children to go to school. Gradually, the children who were also taught the concepts of Biblical equality became the instruments of societal change.

At the same time, Mrs. Duthie was involved in an intense personal gospel ministry among the women. She, along with her daughter, managed to teach the women some valuable skills to earn money. The education also dispelled many blind beliefs of the society, and many accepted Christ. Later, Duthie also started a seminary where he trained the new believers to preach the Gospel and establish churches.

He also developed the now-famous Scott Christian College, a pioneer institution of higher education in these parts of India. After continuous and dedicated service of 50 years that immensely improved the social and spiritual conditions of the people, Duthie went to be with the Lord in 1908.

Beloved, are you working for equality in the church and society?

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“Lord, help me to use my spiritual and academic knowledge to empower others. Amen!”

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