Kali Charan Chatterjee

Kali Charan Chatterjee biography, was a Bengali Missionary who did pioneer missionary work in erstwhile Punjab. Born in a Hindu Brahmin family, Chatarjee became proficient in Sanskrit and eloquently recited slokas by the age of five. His home accommodated several Hindu Gods and occasionally his father sacrifice animals to please the deities. In a way, Chatterjee grew up in a faith that professed “without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins.”

Birth: 23-08-1839
Home Calling: 31-05-1916
Native Place: Sukhchar
Country: India
Place of Vision: Erstwhile Punjab

At the age of eight, he began studying at a missionary school in Agarparah. There the exemplary life of the Christian Head Master powerfully influenced young Chatterjee.

He began to understand that the gist of Vedas was so great that none of his deities came close to fulfilling it, except for Christ. He became convinced that Jesus is indeed “holy, harmless and undefiled” and “only his blood would cleanse from every sin.”

Kali Charan Chatterjee ministry in Punjab, India

He then went to Calcutta to study in a college run by Alexandar Duff and got baptized in 1854. Being ostracized by the family, Chatterji left his home and stayed at the mission house until he finished his studies. In 1861, he was called by the American Presbyterian Mission at Jalandhar to teach at their mission school and thus began his missionary journey. He was then ordained in 1868 and was asked to establish a mission station at Hoshiarpur.

At Hoshiarpur, Chatterjee began education-based missionary activities. The schools he established became the medium of the Gospel among the Hindus, Muslims, and Punjabis. He especially concentrated on the ministry among poor social outcasts. He didn’t care about the denominations and worked only to establish indigenous churches. He also worked for the unification of the churches that led to the establishment of the National Missionary Society of India.

From the time of his conversion to his last day he truly and whole-heartedly loved and served his Saviour. After a long and successful ministry, Chatterjee, a man with a distinct personality and unfailing Christian purpose went to be with Lord in 1916.

Beloved, is your love for Christ the same as it was when you were born again?

Take away from the article

“Lord, I have lost my first love for You. Forgive Me! Reinvigorate in me the passion to serve You. Amen!”

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