Ernest Oliver

Ernest Oliver biography, was a missionary from England who is known for his ministry in India and Nepal. Born in a pious Baptist family, Oliver was baptized when he was fifteen. He began teaching at Sunday School and by the age of eighteen, he was preaching in local churches and mission halls. Once when he visited a circus with his church friends. There he felt God clearly speaking to him about wasting his time in amusement while there were many souls yet to be saved. That day he realized God’s plan for his life and committed himself to missionary service.

Birth: 20-08-1911
Home Calling: 20-09-2001
Native Place: London
Country: England
Place of Vision: Nepal & India

In 1933, he gave up his architectural calligrapher profession and joined All Nations Bible College for theological training. There Oliver was preparing himself to minister in Congo on behalf of the Regions Beyond Missionary Union (RBMU).

But in a prayer meeting, he heard of a devastating earthquake that hit Nepal and Ganges Valley in Bihar, North India. He sensed that it was God’s will for him to go to Nepal instead of Congo.

Oliver sailed to India in 1935 and arrived at Motihari in North Bihar. There Oliver somehow befriended a member of the Nepali Royal Family, Bahadur Rana, and led him to salvation. Bahadur Rana who was also called Colonel Sahib became instrumental for Gospel propagation in Nepal. In 1951, the Nepal borders finally opened up and Oliver was allowed to visit Kathmandu.

Ernest Oliver ministry Nepal & India

In 1954, Oliver established United Mission to Nepal (UMN) along with a few other missionary agencies. Along with his wife, Margaret, he labored among the Nepalis preaching Gospel and establishing churches. He did not want to westernize the Nepali church and instead made efforts to develop churches appropriate to the culture and context of Nepal. He was also instrumental in establishing hospitals, leprosariums, and orphanages there.

In 1961, Oliver returned to London and worked as executive secretary for RBMU. Despite his old age weighing him down, Oliver remained an active enabler of several missions and administrator of missionary organizations till the end.

Beloved, are you wasting your time in amusement while many souls have not yet heard of Christ?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to find joy in saving souls for You. Amen!”

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