Midgley John Jennings

Midgley John Jennings biography, was a chaplain with East India Company who is known for his ministry in Delhi. He arrived at Kanpur in 1832 and initially ministered only to the Britishers. But Christ’s love compelled him to look beyond the spiritual needs of his own people. Despite the restrictions, he went out among the Indian public and preached to them the Gospel.

Birth: 08-06-1806
Home Calling: 11-05-1857
Native Place: Stevenage
Country: England
Place of Vision: India

After 20 years of ministry in Kanpur, he was transferred to Delhi in 1851. Delhi at that time was a stronghold of Mohammedan faith and did not have any active Christian missionary activity. Jennings was much burdened for saving the souls of the Delhi people.

But he was there all alone supported by no one. Hence, he roamed around Delhi, standing and praying in the street corners for God to visit this heathen city. He soon won two high-caste highly educated Indians for Christ.

One was Ram Chandra, a Mathematics Professor and the other was Chimman Lai, a Surgeon in the Delhi Hospital. That’s how the Delhi Church was born.

Midgley John Jennings ministry in India

Then as per Jennings’ appeal, the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG) sent two missionaries and the necessary funds to start the ministry. The Delhi mission became one of the most hopeful and promising mission fields in India.

Then came the terrible Sepoy Mutiny in 1857. Every European in the city were mercilessly killed by the sepoys. Midgley was then staying at the Red Fort quarters along with his young daughter Annie Jennings. On that fateful day, the mad sepoys rushed into his quarters and killed the father-daughter duo with the swords. Chimman Lai too was murdered in his dispensary for not denying his faith in Christ.

Has the Delhi mission been swept away? Was the blood of the martyrs shed in vain? No! Ram Chandra who somehow escaped this mutiny, came back to Delhi and started ministering bravely among the heathen. More missionaries arrived and watered the seed sown by Midgley that brought a bountiful spiritual harvest later.

Beloved, are you working beyond your comfort zones to preach the Gospel?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to look beyond my home, my city, and my denomination and reach everyone with the Gospel. Amen!”

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