Mother Teresa Biography

Mother teresa Biography, A women bitten by rats and ants was lying on a sidewalk. She was so weal that she could not even cry. There came an angel who took her up on her shoulders and carried her to a hospital. They were not permitted to enter the hospital. however, upon he strong insistence and obstinacy of the angel, the women was admited and treated at the hospital.


Birth : 26.18.1910
Death : 05.09.1997
City : Skopje
Country : Yugoslavia
Place of Vision : India

Also known as ‘The Angel of Mercy’, Mother teresa became the mother of many such abandoned women. She did not choose to help or serving others as her primary duty, but it was her way of life. She fed many thousands of the poor, gave them shelter, and helped them to accept the Lord.

Her submission to the Lord:
At the age of 18, she received a call for God’s service, to which she obeyed and devote herslef to monastic life. Soon, she was sent to darjeeling in india and then to calcutta(now kolkata), where she started her sevice as a teacher. She learned to speak bengli and Hindi and dedicated herself to alleviatepoverty through education.

Later, Mother Teresa founded the charity organization, ‘Missionaries of Charity’ which cares for the hunder and homeless. The place welcomes all the people who felt unwanted, unloved, uncared and shunned by society. In the beginning, she had no funds and depended on divine providence. Soon she was joined by voluntary workers, and financial support was also forthcoming. Today the orgnization is spread thoughout the world, with thousands of members actively helping the poorest of the poor. 

“Her Life is perfectly reflected in her own words when she said ” Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great Love.”

— Saint Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Biography

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