Calvin Fairbank – Abolitionist

Calvin Fairbank, The slave trade was rampant in the United States during the nineteenth century. According to the tax records of America, there were 32 lakh slaves and their worth was estimated to be 100 crores. Back then, the economy of America was very much dependent on the labor of its slaves. Therefore, anyone who voiced against the system of slavery was considered a traitor.

About Calvin Fairbank

Birth :  03.11. 1816
Death : 12.10.1898
City : New York
Country : America
Place of Vision : America

However, those who were touched by the love of God could not stand the tragic situation of the slaves. How can somebody who experienced the love of God remain patient loooking at the horrific situations of the slaves? Calvin Fairbank was an American Methodist minister who fought against the system of slavery in his country.

His Step for Ministry and Abolition Slavery:

Once, he went to a slave market where a Negro woman named Elisa was put on auction. A French businessman wanted to buy her so that he could sell her later for a more profitable  price. As the auction began, Clavin Fairbank also started bidding against the Frenchman. After competitive bidding between them, Calvin Fairbank finally bought the woman for 1518 dollars.

The Women fell on Calvin’s feet and began to cry. The Frenchman who lost the bid asked Calvin, ” you procured her for such a big price, what are you planning to do now?” For which, Calvin replied, ” I am going to release her,” Hearing, the people around him were surprised and disapproved of his plan. But, the slave women leaped with joy. Such was the concern that Calvin has for slaves.

Calvin was caught twice for assisting the runaway slaves and was punished with 17 years of imprisonment. He was harshly treated and frequently flogged which permanently impaired his health. Nevertheless, nothing stopped him for showing the love of God to the oppressed people.

” Lord, use me free those who are under  the bondage of sin, Amen!”


Beloved, how concerned are you for those who do not know Christ and are still in the bondage of sin?

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Calvin Fairbank – Abolitionist

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