Annitikannaa Prarthane Minna lyrics

Annitikannaa Prarthane Minna lyrics, అన్నిటి కన్నా ప్రార్థనే మిన్న telugu christian song lyrics. This song is Sung by Dr. N. Jayapaul from the Album Abishekam. This song talks about how prayer is the most important In Christian life, whatever you have in your life, but above all Prayer is much needed for every believer of christ. If Jesus could pray then you and i need to Pray. “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Mathew 26:41,

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పాట రచయిత: సామ్యేల్ గోడి

అన్నిటి కన్నా ప్రార్థనే మిన్న
అన్న బైబిల్ మాట ఉన్నదా జ్ఞాపకం
ఉన్నదా జ్ఞాపకం        ||అన్నిటి||

1. శోధనలోనికి మీరు జారిపడకుండాలంటే (2)
మెండుగా ప్రార్థన ఉండాలి గుండెలో (2)          ||అన్నిటి||

2. శాంతి లోపల మీకు సుఖము లోకములోన (2)
కలిగి బ్రతకాలంటే కావాలి ప్రార్థన (2)         ||అన్నిటి||

Lyricist: Samuel Godi
Anniti Kannaa Praarthane Minna
Anna Bible Maata Unnadaa Gnaapakam
Unnadaa Gnaapakam      ||Anniti||

1. Shodhanaloniki Meeru Jaaripadakundaalante (2)
Mendugaa Praarthana Undaali Gundelo (2)       ||Anniti||

2. Shaanthi Lopala Meeku Sukhamu Lokamulona (2)
Kaligi Brathakaalante Kaavaali Praarthana (2)        ||Anniti||

Rev. Dr Jayapaul is a noted Evangelist, Pastor and author of fifty spiritual books. His daily TV programme Calvary Dharshanam (Vision of Christ) in seven different languages reaches millions of Indians across the world. He was touched by the vision of the Lord in his teenage subsequently called by the Lord to be a prophet unto the nations (Jeremiah 1:2) in 1971.

He obeyed the call and till today he runs the race proclaiming the gospel to the multitudes; preaching in revival meetings, Radio, TV and social media across the globe. As a missionary, preacher, teacher and pastor Rev. Dr. Jayapaul reached the hearts of the people through the gospel he preached and transformed them to be the disciples of Christ. Wherever we went the Lord opened revival.

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Annitikannaa Prarthane Minna lyrics

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This song is inviting the Lord into my house and I am waiting for your arrival. who we are and what God did for us and what do we need to do in response. May this song be used abundantly to worship and praise Him. And may it be a blessing to you and your family! Thank you!! oneway – The best Christian site in the Christian community across the world. For More updates please all the notification on your Mobile, Tablet, Desktop devices. etc.