Luke the Evangelist Biography

Luke the Evangelist biography, is the author of the ‘Gospel According to Luke’ and the ‘Acts of the Apostles’ in the Bible. He was educated as a physician and is one of the church’s earliest historians. Very little information is available about the life of Luke apart from the references in the letters of Paul, the Apostle in the Bible. Luke was a native of Antioch, a part of what is now Turkey. He was a faithful companion to Paul in his missionary journeys and simultaneously provided him with medical assistance.

Birth: Antioch, Turkey
Death: ~ 84 AD, Thiva, Greece
Native Place: Antioch (in present-day Turkey)
Place of Vision: –

Luke’s primary mission was the advancement of the Gospel, which he accomplished through his writings. His methodical and detailed writings give us a greater understanding of the circumstances surrounding Jesus’s birth, his childhood, and his ministry.

Some of the fundamental Christian precepts are uniquely found in his Gospel. The parables of the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal Son, the rich man and Lazarus, Pharisee and the tax collector are a few of them.

Luke – The Evangelist

Without his careful research on the events after the ascension of Jesus, it would be hard to imagine how Christianity grew from a small group of disciples to the biggest religion in the world. His work of ‘Acts of Apostles’ wonderfully sets up the connection between three historical periods: the period of the law and prophets, the period of Jesus’ ministry, and the period of the church’s mission.

Paul’s mention of Luke as a co-worker and as a ‘beloved physician’ shows that Luke was an itinerant Christian worker who also cared for the bodily needs of others. He is known to have instructed the people in the Christian message and has healed the sick. After the death of Paul, Luke is believed to have gone to the Mediterranean to preach the Gospel and may have died there as a martyr. Luke the Evangelist

Beloved, are you a faithful companion and provider for the ministers of God?

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“Lord, help me to care for the spiritual and physical needs of others. Amen!”

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Luke the Evangelist Biography

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