Enaleni Prema lyrics

Ennaleni Prema

Enaleni Prema lyrics, ఎనలేని ప్రేమ నాపైన చూపి song lyrics. This is a Telugu christian devotional song from the album “Enaleni Prema” Infinite Love presented by Martins Music Ministries. This album contains songs by Dr S P Balasubramaniam, Malavika, Rachel, Aaron and Jonah. We hope the songs will enrich your spiritual experience. Music by Jonah Written and composed by Aaron Jeshurun Camera &Editing By Israel Raju Sirra. Telugu songs lyrics

English Lyrics
Telugu Lyrics

Enaleni Prema Naapaina Choopi
Narunigaa Vachchina Naa Devaa
Naa Paapamu Koraku Rakthamunu kaarchi
Praanamunarpinchina Naa Devaa (2)
Oohinchagalanaa Varnimpa Thagunaa
Aa Goppa Silva Thyaagamu (2)
Aa Goppa Silva Thyaagamu       ||Enaleni||

1. Koradaalatho Himsinchinaa
Momupai Ummi Vesinaa (2)
Chemata Rakthamugaa Maarinaa (2)       ||Oohinchagalanaa||

2. Mulla Kireetamutho Motthinaa
Ballemutho Prakka Podachinaa (2)
Paraloka Thandriye Cheyi Vidachinaa (2)       ||Oohinchagalanaa||

ఎనలేని ప్రేమ నాపైన చూపి
నరునిగా వచ్చిన నా దేవా
నా పాపము కొరకు రక్తమును కార్చి
ప్రాణమునర్పించిన నా దేవా (2)
ఊహించగలనా వర్ణింప తగునా
ఆ గొప్ప సిల్వ త్యాగము (2)
ఆ గొప్ప సిల్వ త్యాగము         ||ఎనలేని||

1. కొరడాలతో హింసించినా
మోముపై ఉమ్మి వేసినా (2)
చెమట రక్తముగా మారినా (2)          ||ఊహించగలనా||

2. ముళ్ల కిరీటముతో మొత్తినా
బల్లెముతో ప్రక్క పొడచినా (2)
పరలోక తండ్రియే చేయి విడచినా (2)          ||ఊహించగలనా||

This song as a lot of depth and a great meaning to it, as the son who lost his father in this world and is left alone, Godour father will guide and love us with His Everlating Love which is unconditional and forever limitless. Aaron samuel as sung this with a great feel and the voice from his heart as been a blessing to many in both the two states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Two States of Telugu speaking people were blessed with this song !! Wishing all the best and good songs from thise duo in the days to come !! God bless Jonah Samuel and his ministries and Aaron Joshua as well with the gifted talent .

This song is sung by most of the telugu speaking people across the world. This song maily talks about how God is protecting us and bringing us out from the trails of our enemies, but when we turn towards Him and seek Him. He is our help and refuge he will deliver us !! This song is maily talks about the body which is just dust, it is making us to remember that beauty is not important as this body will perish. Fear to the Lord who will save your soul.

Enaleni Prema lyrics

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