Neeve Naa Devudavu lyrics

Neeve Naa Devudavu lyrics, chords, english lyrics, నీవే నా దేవుడవు Telugu lyrics. This song is from the album “Shudhuda” each and every song in this album is so good that we tried to hear them all day long. This song is sung by Kripal Mohan who is the very well know and famous guitarist in twin cities of hyderabad those days. Lot of songs as been released in the year 20’s which brought a great revival to the generation through his music and songs, especially in telugu speaking Christians.

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నీవే నా దేవుడవు ఆరాధింతును
నీవే నా రాజువు కీర్తించెదను (2)

మరణమును జయించిన మృత్యుంజయుడవు నీవే
మరణమునుండి జీవముకు నను దాటించావు

పరలోకమునుండి వెలుగుగా వచ్చి మార్గము చూపితివి
చీకటినుండి వెలుగునకు నను నడిపించావు

హోసన్నా మహిమా నీకే
హోసన్నా ప్రభావము రాజునకే (2)
నీవే నీవే నీవే నీవే (2)         ||మరణమును||

Neeve Naa Devudavu Aaraadhinthunu
Neeve Naa Raajuvu Keerthinchedanu (2)

Maranamunu Jayinchina Mruthyunjayudavu Neeve
Maranamunundi Jeevamuku Nanu Dhaatinchaavu

Paralokamunundi Veluguga Vachchi Maargamu Choopithivi
Cheekatinundi velugunaku Nanu Nadipinchaavu

Hosanna Mahima Neeke
Hosanna Prabhaavamu Raajunake (2)
Neeve Neeve Neeve Neeve (2)     ||Maranamunu||

A E D F#m E
Neeve Naa Devudavu – Aradhinthunu
A E D F#m
Neeve Naa Raajuvu – Keerthinchedanu (2)
F#m D A E
Maranamunu Jayinchina – Mruthyunjayudavu Neeve
F#m D A D A
Maranamu Nunchi Jeevamuku – Nanu Daatinchavu
F#m D A E
Paralokamunundi Veluguga Vachi – Maargamu Chupithivi
F#m D A D A
Cheekati Nunchi Veluganaku – Nanu Nadipinchavu
C#m F#m D E
Hosanna Mahima Neeke
C#m F#m D E
Hosanna Prabhavamu Raajunake (2)
A F#m D E
Neeve Neeve Neeve Neeve (2)

Neeve Naa Devudavu

This is an old classic christian song which is all about thanksgiving to the Lord in each and every situation. For He is the Lord of Hosts and every creature obeys his command and praise His holy name. Please check out the entire website for more song, missionary biographies and quotes.

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This song is inviting the Lord into my house and I am waiting for your arrival. who we are and what God did for us and what do we need to do in response. May this song be used abundantly to worship and praise Him. And may it be a blessing to you and your family! Thank you!! oneway – The best Christian site in the Christian community across the world. For More updates please all the notification on your Mobile, Tablet, Desktop devices. etc.