Samuel Kaboo Morris biography

Samuel Kaboo Morris biography, Prince Kaboo was the son of a chief of the Kru tribe in Liberia, Africa. When he was young, he was captured by the Grebo tribe, who used him as a pawn to extract tribute from the Kru tribe. Whenever they defaulted, Kaboo was smeared with honey and left for the ants to eat him alive. The tortures made Kaboo hopeless, and he was on the verge of death.

Birth : 1872
Home Calling : 12-05-1893
Homeland : Africa
Place of Vision : Africa

One night, when he was about to be whipped, there was a blinding flash of light, and he heard, “Kaboo, flee!” Immediately he ran into the jungle and then traveled day and night to reach Monrovia.

Samuel Morris ministry in Africa

In Monrovia, Kaboo made his living painting the houses for a couple of years. One day, he attended a local church and heard a missionary speaking about the conversion of Saul through a blinding flash of light. Astonished by the similarity to his own story, Kaboo shouted, “I have seen that light!” He then accepted Christ as his savior and was rechristened as Samuel Morris after his Baptism.

Since then, Morris displayed a fervent desire to know more about Christ. On the suggestion of a missionary, he set out for America and reached New York at 18. There, with the help of Stephen Merritt, he got enrolled in Taylor University, Indiana. His sublime yet simple faith and miraculous story brought revival to the campus and the surrounding community.

Morris was particularly known for his prayer life. At night, he could be heard in his room praying, which he simply called, ‘talking to my Father.’ He took every opportunity to witness to others, but his heart yearned to take the gospel to his own people. However, when he was just 21, he contracted a severe cold, and he left for his heavenly abode.

His death inspired his fellow students to serve as missionaries to Africa on his behalf, fulfilling his dream of one day returning to minister to his own people.

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Samuel Kaboo Morris biography

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