Solipovaladu Manassa lyrics

Solipovaladu Manassa lyrics, సోలిపోవలదు మనస్సా telugu lyrics,english lyrics. This song is written, composed and is sung by Rev. Dr. D G S Dhinakaran garu who is a very famous and well known preacher and man of God. He was the founder of Jesus Calls Ministries.

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సోలిపోవలదు మనస్సా సోలిపోవలదు
నిను గని పిలచిన దేవుడు విడిచిపోతాడా (2)         ||సోలిపోవలదు||

ఇక్కట్టులు ఇబ్బందులు నిన్ను
చుట్టుముట్టినా (2)
ప్రియుడు నిన్ను చేరదీసిన
ఆనందం కాదా (2)           ||సోలిపోవలదు||

శోధనలను జయించినచో
భాగ్యవంతుడవు (2)
జీవ కిరీటం మోయువేళ
ఎంతో సంతోషము (2)       ||సోలిపోవలదు||

వాక్కు ఇచ్చిన దేవుని నీవు
పాడి కొనియాడు (2)
తీర్చి దిద్దే ఆత్మ నిన్ను
చేరే ప్రార్ధించు (2)                ||సోలిపోవలదు||

Solipovaladu Manassaa Solipovaladu
Ninu Gani Pilachina Devudu Vidichipothaadaa (2)   ||Solipovaladu||

Ikkatulu Ibbandulu
Ninnu Chuttumuttinaa (2)
Priyudu Ninnu Cheradeesina
Aanandam Kaadaa (2)   ||Solipovaladu||

Shodhanalanu Jayinchinacho
Bhaagyavanthudavu (2)
Jeeva Kireetam Moyuvela
Entho Santhoshamu (2)  ||Solipovaladu||

Vaakku Ichchina Devuni Neevu
Paadi Koniyaadu (2)
Theerchi Didde Aathma Ninnu
Chere Praardhinchu (2)    ||Solipovaladu||

Dhinakaran was involved in evangelical activities for some time prior to leaving his job at the bank in October 1962 to evangelise on a full-time basis. He founded the Jesus Calls Ministries that, by the time of his death, had more than 20 bases in India and abroad and during his lifetime was the most influential and best-known of the Charismatic evangelists working in India. Allan Anderson, an academic specialising in studies of Pentecostalism, sees similarities between Dhinakaran’s efforts and those of Oral Roberts in the US.

One of the parallels with Roberts was Dhinakaran’s involvement in the establishment of Karunya University, a Christian institution at which he served as the first Chancellor. He also played a significant role in the formation of Seesha, a voluntary body concerned with educating underprivileged children and with assisting rural people.

Dhinakaran, who remained a member of the Church of South India, was among the first Indian Christian leaders to appreciate the potential of television as a medium for evangelism. In doing this he was following a pattern established in the US and challenging the conservative opinions of his peers, who associated television with the perceived moral laxities of the Indian cinema industry. He had been broadcasting his message on radio programmes since 1972, when he had used the FEBA network for that purpose, and the Jesus Calls Ministry began using television broadcasts in the mid-1990s.

Solipovaladu Manassa lyrics

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