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Stella Franklin biography, The famine of 1896–1897 was one of the terrible times that India has ever faced. The mortality, both from starvation and accompanying epidemics, was very high: approximately one million people are thought to have died. When Indians were drowned in their sufferings, God raised several Godly men and women to meet their spiritual and physical needs. One of them was Stella Franklin.

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Homeland: United States of America
Place of Vision: India

Stella Franklin came to India in 1895, prepared for teaching just like her sister Josepha. But, the seriousness of the famine changed her course of work. Stella was asked to be the part of relief work, where her sister was already there. She took charge of a government run orphanage and looked after hundreds of children.

Many of those children did not have homes to return to after the famine was over. Stella took them under her wings, fed them, taught them, and nourished them spiritually.

Stella Franklin ministry in India

Stella started the women’s evangelistic work in Damoh. Initially, she reached out to the mothers of the children in her orphanage. When she went out on her evangelistic trips, she lived in tents and never cared for personal safety and comfort. She visited nearly seventy villages at a stretch on one trip, to most of which no evangelist had ever gone. Her Bible teaching to all groups was practical and clear.

In 1905, she went to Harda to manage the education ministry and school administration. Then she went to Jabalpur to teach in the Bible college. In 1912, she went to Mungeli to the work of the girls’ boarding school. In this work, she spent the remaining years of her service. Wherever she went, her advice was sought in church councils and home affairs, and her excellent sense and sympathetic understanding could always be counted on.

Beloved, are you available to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the lost souls?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me look beyond my comfort while I serve You. Amen!”

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