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John stam betty stam, The Christian missionaries who went to China in 1922 faced great opposition. During the period from 1924 to 1934, more than 27 missionaries were assassinated, 59 missionaries were abducted and 21 missionaries were imprisioned. As a result, hundreds of missionaries had to emigrate from China before 1927.

Birth : 01.17.1907
Death : 08.12.1934
Place : —
Country : America
Place of Vision : China

Not to be dissauded by the opposition, the China Inland Mission sent more than 200 missionaries to China.
John Cornelius Stam and Elisabeth Alden “Betty” Stam were among those missionaries who offered themselves to do God’s work.

John Stam & Betty Stam Martyrs of Christ

In 1932, though they did not have much help or support, they rendered remarkable service to the Lord in Anhui Province. John could preach in the Chinese language. They were blessed with a beautiful girl child in 1934 who named Helen Priscilla. They used a rented shop front as their home and for preaching the gospel.

On the 6th of December in 1934, the communist army surrounded the area they were living. The people fled fearing the punishment and ill-treatment. The soldiers entered the house of Stamma, tied their hands and marched them to the local jail.

Irritated by their baby’s cry the soldiers decided to kill her first. But when another prisoner proteste their act the child was spared and he was killed in her place. the next day they were forced to go to a neighbouring town, where they spent the night in an abandoned house.

On the 8th december, both John and Betty were paraded through the city before their execution. Amidst the terrified and helpless people, a soldier swung his sword killing them instantly. God miraculously saved their daughter, Helen, through His servant Lo Ke-chou, who found her in that abandoned house well hidden in her mother’s bag.

The heart-shattering news of the killing of John and Betty spread throughout the world. But later, hundreds of missionaries like John and Betty marched towards China opening the gates of Salvation.

Beloved! Will you stand for God, even in the midst of dangers?

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Lord, give me the strength to face all the trails for Your name’s sake. Amen!

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