Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand, He was the youngest child born into a Jewish family. His family lived in Istanbul for a while and later moved to Romania after the death of his father. He was an intellectual and a fluent speaker of nine languages. As a young man, he was interested in left-wing politics and took up a profession as a stockbroker.

Birth: 24-03-1909
Death: 17-02-2001
Native Place: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Place of Vision: Romania

He and his wife, Sabina Oster accepted the Lord under the influence of a powerful testimony shared by a German carpenter named Christian Wolfkes.

Placing their trust in the Lord, the couple saw opportunities for evangelization during World War II. They preached in bomb shelters and were involved in rescuing Jewish children.

Richard Wurmbrand – A Martyr of Christ

They were arrested and beaten multiple times and the sufferings only strengthened their faith in Christ. In 1945, when the Soviets seized Romania and attempted to control the churches, Richard and his wife began an ‘underground ministry.’ He not only served his countrymen but also the Russian troops and distributed more than one million Gospels tracts (often disguised as books on Communist propaganda).

He also arranged for the smuggling of Gospel tracts into Russia, which earned him the name ‘The Iron Curtain Paul.’ His courage in standing up and denouncing government control over churches led to his arrest in 1948 and his wife in 1950. After eight years of indescribable cruel imprisonment, he was released in 1956 only to be arrested again three years later.

He was pardoned in 1964 and reluctantly left Romania to minister in other parts of the world. He traveled to Norway, England, and the United States voicing the persecution of Christians in Communist countries. In 1967, he began a ministry to serve the persecuted Christian families called ‘Jesus to the Communist World’ (later renamed ‘The Voice of the Martyrs’). This work continues today in more than 60 countries encouraging and empowering the persecuted Christians.

Beloved, are you handing down the gospel tracts actively

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“Lord, make me bold enough to hand down the gospel tracts to everyone I meet. Amen!”

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