Benjamin Schultze – Biography

Benjamin Schultze – Biography, It was Grundler who worked very closely with Ziegenbalg during his last days in his gospel ministry. Grundler prayed fevently, asking “God”, to provide people to faithfully carry out the duties of the church after his death. God answered his prayers by sending Benjamin Schultz along with his two other friends to Tranquebar (Tarangambadi, Tamilnadu)


Birth : 1689
Death : 1760
City : Brandenburg
Country : Germany
Vision Area : India

Encouraged bu the arrival of new missionaries, Grundler finished all his duties and laid himself peacefully at the feet of the Lord. Benjamin Schultz was a missionary who greatly motivated and interested in doing God’s work he once gathered all the missionaries. Who were working with him to strengthen their faith and help them understand and carry out the responsibilities laid before them.

Major Ministry:

His missionary journey covered more than 100 villages himself learnt the language of telugu and wrote many books in telugu and translated the New Testment and book of Pslams into Hindustani.

Learning different languages is very tough for any individual but benjamin had a gift of ability to learn different languages. With ease he also learnt Tamil in order to preach in tamil and also in telugu. He transalted many hymns in German into Tamil and also completed the translation work which was left unfinished by Ziegenbalg later travelled by foot to several villages and preached the love of God.

In Cuddalore in 1726, after completing his 6 years of ministry at Tranquebar. Later, he also went to preach the gospel at places in and around Chennai. More than 700 people received baptism and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their saviour because of his services.

Prayer : “Lord, help me gain proficiency in other languages that I can proclaim the gospel to others, Amen!”

– Tyson Paul

Benjamin Schultze – Biography

Take Away : Beloved, what efforts do you make to preach Jesus Christ to others ?

Benjamin Schultze – Biography

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