Miron Winslow

Miron Winslow biography, was an American missionary who is known for his ministry in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and his contributions towards Tamil Bible revision. From the day he accepted Christ as his personal savior in 1811, Winslow considered evangelism as a blessed responsibility. He went to Andover Theological Seminary for theological training and graduated in 1815. He used his vacations to tour preaching Gospel and raised funds for the foreign missions. The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions found the spark in young Winslow and recruited him for the American Ceylon Mission.

Birth: 11-12-1789
Home Calling: 22-10-1864
Native Place: Vermont
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: Srilanka & India

Winslow reached Ceylon in 1819. He established a mission station in Oodooville and began his ministry among the Tamils. Along with his wife Harriet, Winslow began establishing schools to educate the people and lead them away from superstitious beliefs.

While Winslow preached, Harriet worked as a teacher and translator. She wrote textbooks on arithmetic and geography and taught sewing and the household arts. Her love and kindness attracted many young girls towards Christ.

Harriet had a habit of taking one girl each a day and prayed with her for her salvation and other needs. Many of her students grew up to become strong warriors of Christ.

Miron Winslow ministry in Srilanka & India

In 1835, Winslow was asked to establish a mission station in Madras, especially for printing and publishing purposes. He worked alongside with Madras Bible Society and played an important role in revising the Tamil Bible. He also published a comprehensive and monumental Tamil-English lexicon, probably the biggest dictionary so far.

Like every other missionary, Winslow had to suffer the bereavement of his beloved family members. First, his eldest son died, and later Harriet went to be with the Lord. You know what he said then, “the Lord is good, all his dispensations are right.” Winslow who himself was a weak man bodily was returning to America in 1864 due to sickness. En route, he went to be with the Lord on 22 October 1864 onboard the ship.

Beloved, are you able to say “the Lord is good” even amidst sorrows?

Take away from the article

“Lord, open my eyes to see Your goodness in all the situations of my life. Amen!”

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