Sherwood Eddy

Sherwood Eddy biography, George Sherwood Eddy was an American missionary who is known for his indefatigable itinerant ministry in India and China. Eddy was born again in a Christian conference in 1889 and since then developed a deep burden for saving souls. After his father’s death, Eddy inherited substantial wealth, yet it did not interest him much. After his engineering studies, he joined the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) with a vision to “evangelize the world in this generation”.

Birth: 19-01-1871
Home Calling: 04-03-1963
Native Place: Kansas
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: India and China

While he was actively ministering in America, he heard his friend John Mott organizing Student Volunteer Movement (SVM) in India and Sri Lanka. In God’s plan, he was selected by the International Committee of YMCA for Indian ministry and arrived in Bombay in 1896.

He arrived at a time when Bombay was reeling under the Bubonic plague. He immediately began working with the British contingent rescuing and providing medical care. He then began an intense itinerant ministry across several cities in India.

Sherwood Eddy ministry in India & China

He believed that a key to making a nation Christian is to win young people for Christ. Initially, he took an argumentative and apologetic approach to preach the Gospel which earned very little results. At one point in time, he debated with Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi as well. He then realized that “we were not sent to win debates but to win people.” Hence, he began addressing the locals by contextualizing the Gospel to their needs and made them believe that they indeed need Christ in their lives.

In 1900, Sherwood began ministering in Tamil Nadu. He felt that a divided Christianity with so many denominations will not expand God’s Kingdom but hinder it. Hence, he founded the Indian Mission Society of Tinnevelly along with V.S. Azariah in 1903 and the National Missionary Society of India in 1905 with a burden to orient all different Christian groups towards the one aim of Gospel.

With lessons learned from India, Eddy began touring many countries in Asia from 1911 doing effective evangelism. Even after his retirement in 1931, he remained an active enabler of missions worldwide till the end.

Beloved, are you winning the debates or winning the souls?

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“Lord, help me to do productive ministry for Your Glory. Amen!”

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