Maria Dyer Taylor

Maria Dyer Taylor biography, A mob stormed into the house of Hudson Taylor in Yangzhou. There were several women missionaries at their mercy. When everyone ran for their lives, a six-month pregnant woman held off the rioters by speaking to them in their language with a beautiful calmness. That day she saved many young women from being molested and killed by the unruly mob. She was none other the Maria Jane (Dyer) Taylor

Birth: 16-01-1837
Home Calling: 23-07-1870
Native Place: Penang
Country: Malaysia
Place of Vision: China

Maria was the youngest child of Samuel Dyer, a missionary with the London Missionary Society. By the time she was 10, she lost both her parents and was brought up in England at their uncle’s home.

Inspired by her parents, Maria too had an inclination towards missionary work but her Christian devotion was merely formal. When Maria was 16, she found an opportunity to work in a girl’s missionary school in Ningbo, China. During that voyage, she placed her trust in Christ alone as Savior from sin and committed her life for the service of God.

Maria Dyer Taylor ministry in China

She quickly learned Chinese and became fluent in the Ningbo dialect. She translated the English books to Chinese to help her students understand better. She got married to Hudson Taylor in 1858 and became an invaluable companion and partner to him. When Hudson Taylor founded the China Inland Mission, Maria became the soul of the ministry. Her prayers and faith strengthened her husband in difficult times and her practical outlook undergirded the whole mission. As the mission flourished, she trained the young women missionaries to adapt to the Chinese culture.

Meanwhile, she lost four of her eight children and she became frail in health. But nothing could deter her commitment to serve Christ. She inculcated the missionary values in her children which led them to become missionaries in China. At age of 33, she was stricken with cholera and died as a grain of wheat in the land of China.

Beloved, are you inculcating the missionary values in your children?

Take away from the article

“Lord! Help me to prepare the next generation of missionaries. Amen!”

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