Algernon Stanley Smith

Algernon Stanley Smith biography, lovingly called Algie was a British Protestant Medical missionary who served in Uganda and Ruanda. His father was Stanley Smith, one of the seven missionaries from Cambridge (The Cambridge Seven) who served in China. Having lost his mother when he was just one year old, Algie was brought up in England under the guardianship of Alice and Emily Watney who were Christian mission enthusiasts. Through their financial support, Algie attained his medical degree from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1914.

Birth : 14.02.1890
Home calling : 28.07.1978
Native Place : Luara Shansi
Country : China
Place of Vision : Uganda and Ruanda

Although his parents were missionaries, Algie believed that God’s call to missionary service was personal. While studying in Cambridge, Algie and his friend Dr. Leonard Sharp heard about the need for medical missionary work in Africa and felt God strongly calling them for that purpose.

Hence, both of them offered themselves to the Church Missionary Society (CMS) to serve in Uganda, Africa. In 1916, Algie reached Uganda along with Leonard Sharp and began medical work in Kampala. Then they began making reconnaissance visits in the surrounding villages to expand the ministry.

Algernon Stanley Smith ministry in Uganda

But due to the lack of funds, CMS didn’t agree on mission expansion. This did not disappoint them, instead, they began ministering in the surrounding villages on faith lines. God honored their faith, and with no institution’s help, they continued to expand the mission work in many villages in the next four years.

In 1921, Algie along with his wife arrived in Kabale. Now apart from medical and evangelical work, he started educational work. He believed that if the current generation of children is taught to grow in Christ’s wisdom, then the future of Uganda is secure. The school curriculum included training of the students to serve the country and also the church. He also played a prominent role in setting up the Ruanda Mission, through which several missionaries took the message of the cross to parts of Uganda, Ruanda, Burundi, and Eastern Congo.

Algie is definitely one among those few people because of whose efforts today more than 80% of the population in Uganda and Ruanda are Christians.

Beloved, are you walking by faith or by sight?

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Lord, Help me to resist the lies of doubt and fear and boldly work for You with faith. Amen!

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