Patricia Anne Wikinson

Patricia Anne Wikinson biography, was an Australian medical missionary who is known for her services in Nigeria and also for being the leader of the Woman-Church Movement in Australia. Born into a family of three daughters, Patricia Anne Wikinson was raised in Godly fear which nurtured in her a missionary mind right from her childhood. As a child, she was a very bright student with an interest in extracurricular activities as well. She won the Commonwealth Scholarship to study medicine in Sydney which became the foundation for her missionary work in Nigeria and Australia.

Birth : 15.04.1944
Home calling : 06 .03.2011
Native Place : Hurtsville
Country : Australia
Place of Vision : Nigeria; Australia

Soon after completing her internship, Wikinson worked with the Societe International Missionnaire (SIM) a missionary organization that had several hospitals in Africa. In 1968, she joined the Sudan Interior Mission Hospital in Jos, Nigeria, and began working as a physician and surgeon.

She briefly came back to Australia and got married to Robert Brennan. Soon Wikinson moved back to Africa, where she continued to serve as a physician while her husband began education ministry. She was moved by the plight of African women and began working for their justice especially for the rehabilitation and empowerment of the rape survivors.

Patricia Anne Wikinson ministry in Nigeria, Australia

Wikinson was a woman with intense intelligence, energy, and desire to see goodness and truth prevail in the world. And she believed that woman has an important role to play in it. Hence, she began unifying women from different church backgrounds and began nurturing their spiritual freedom. Because of her efforts and vision, more than 400 women are ministering in various capacities across the world. She also worked with the ABC’s Broadcasting religious unit in both radio and television in the mid-’80s and ’90s.

Wikinson, a skilled surgeon, an empathetic missionary, and a charismatic Christian leader went to be with the Lord in 2011 after briefly suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Beloved, are you using your skill and experience to see goodness and truth prevail in the world?

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Lord, use me as an instrument to empower the weak and nurture the spiritual freedom of the believers. Amen!

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