Andrew van der Bijl

Andrew van der Bijl, The Bible was a prohibited book in Communist European countries from the early century. Anyone found reading a Bible was severely punished. In such threatening times, a car full of Bibles driven by a young Dutch missionary approached the Romanian Border. He thought that surely, he would be caught, as the checkpoint guards were meticulously inspecting every vehicle for hours.

Birth : 11.05.1928
Death : –
City : Sint Pancras
Country : Netherlands
Place of Vision : Soviet Union, Europe

He knew no amount of cleverness would save him, so he courageously placed few bibles in the open so that the guards can see them and prayed ‘Lord, make the seeing eyes blind’. Unbelievably the guard just checked his passport and allowed him to pass through the border within a few seconds. This is one of many dangerous missionary exploits of Andrew Van der Bijl who is famously called ‘God’s Smuggler’.

Andrew van der Bijl ministry in Europe

Andrew was a soldier in the Dutch army and committed brutal atrocities in his youth. While in combat, he was shot in the ankle which abruptly ended his stint in the army at the age of 20. On returning home, guilty of his atrocities, Andrew starte attending the church, and one evening gave his heart to God. Then he started sharing his testimony an gospel at the chocolate factory he worked. Soon, many accepte Christ, and prayer groups were held inside the factory.

Andrew sensed that God was calling him to the mission. In 1953, he enrolled in Worldwide Evangelism Crusade in Glasgow. After the missionary training, he was deeply drawn towards evangelizing the European communist countries, He cleverly enrolled himself in a Communist party trip to Warsaw where he saw the sufferings of the churches and scarcity of the Bibles.

That’s when he started smuggling thousands of Bibles of Communist countries risking all odds. Each trip was full of God’s miraculous provision and protection. He also visited the Middle-East, China, Korea, and several other countries distributing the Bibles and strengthening the churches. At the age of 92, Andrew continues to labor for God through his organization ‘Open Doors.’

Beloved, have you ever gifted a Bible to your non-believer friend?

Take Away from Article

Lord, give me the courage to introduce the Bible to my friends. Amen!

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