I R H Gnanadason biography

I R H Gnanadason biography, was the first Bishop of the Diocese of Kanyakumari known for consolidating the church and its activities. In 1959, when the Kanyakumari Diocese was formed, it had around 277 churches under it. The challenge of leading such a large diocese fell on the able shoulders of Gnanadason. In the course of time, he framed the constitution, and church order and the diocese flourished abundantly during his ministry.

Birth: 18-04-1915
Death: 16-07-1973
Native Place: Thituvilai, Kanyakumari
Country: India
Place of Vision: South India

Gnanadason was particularly known for his ministry among the children. His way of teaching the children and encouraging them to put their learnings into practice is an example to all. He divided them into different age groups and called each group by the name of a missionary.

He encouraged the children to visit and cheer up the patients and pray for the ministers. The lepers especially were comforted through such children’s ministry.

I R H Gnanadason ministry in South India

From the day of his ordination, Gnanadason was particularly concerned about the education facilities in his diocese. He made systematic plans to promote primary and higher education and established several schools and colleges in and around Kanyakumari.

Under his leadership, medical missionary campaigns were operating at a full scale that not only took care of healing the people physically but also their spirits. The schools for the specially-abled children started by him are still actively changing the futures of many for good.

Gnanadason was a simple man who avoided the limelight and wanted God only to be glorified. His tenure as a bishop was truly golden for the Kanyakumari diocese and was rightly called the period of consolidation. Today (April 18), on his birthday, let us be encouraged by his life and ministry.

Beloved, are you glorifying God in every sphere of your work?

Take away from the article

“Lord, let me a medium through which You will be glorified. Amen!”

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